Because Freedom is Venom...

How do you define freedom? Is it a state of being, or is it a state of mind?

Human race is subjected to a life, which ultimately isn't under their control. They believe they are free, but they aren't. Some may conversely believe they are subjugated, but they aren't.

Freedom in its purest form is dangerous. It is venom. It paralyses the arm. It stalls the brain into inaction. It is fatal. Why? Maybe because freedom is a terminator. It is the end. In freedom, you are locked. Why? Because it is the ultimate destination where human race wants to reach. There is no way ahead of it. It sounds dangerously criminal hence.

Post Olympic Stress Syndrome: A condition that Olympic achievers experience post the psychological high after the Olympics are over. Training for the Olympics and the mental and physical turmoil that accompanies it, is something that they unknowingly love. For once, everything in life for them was the field, the training, the coaches, the fear of losing and the quest for that adrenaline rush when on the podium. 

Ultimately, after being on the podium, when the Olympic Gold has been conquered, when you have defeated the best in the world, when you have conquered the paramount peak in your sport, there suddenly becomes nothing more to achieve. The next day you wake up to voidness. You are blank. There is suddenly no purpose. There is suddenly no meaning. There is suddenly nothing left to achieve. They now miss their turmoil, their strife back in the training days. They had a goal to achieve then. For now, sight is lost perhaps. The Olympic triumph is itself culminating into a mental loss. The journey is over. Is this the meaning of being free? I ponder.

Isn't it then fair to say, that the journey towards that imaginary state of freedom, is itself the true essence of freedom?  

Isn't it then fair to say, that being captive in a complete mess, in the pursuit of freedom, is better than being in the state of freedom itself?

Subjugation is necessary, albeit to the quest of what 'you' believe is worth going for. The moment when the mind feels that freedom is the epitome of desires, his life collapses like a pack of cards. Why? Because freedom is venom.