21:22 By Vishnu Chandrasenan

When The Sun shines bright,
The Lady Earth became tenderly affectionate for him.
It glows with supreme radiance.
But no body knew, that there is a poor Moon as well.
Sharing the sky at the same time.
He is timid.
He is innocent and shy;
And has poorer radiance than The Sun himself.

But he never stops.
He tries always to help the beautiful Earth and her people.
He is consciously aware that the Sun is the king.
But he never stops trying.
He never stops learning.

And when the night comes.
He tenderly opens up his light to the Lady Planet,
During when the King Sun is away.
But now The Earth and her people is busy in sleep.
She never notices moon is still awake for her.

Moon feels the pain each night.
It mutilates him and starves him.
But he adjusts, he learns.
Such is life maybe, he thinks.

Maybe moon is meant to be like that.
That's what God made him for.
That's what moon has to accept.
That's his harsh reality.
The next day the Sun rises again.
With its blinding power of radiance.
The little Moon yearns,
Waiting for that one day...
To match the grace of the king.
And the heart of Lady Earth and her people.

Then he conjures up courage,
And takes his shot at redemption.
A redemption on his fate, and carve out his own destiny.

Over an ever illuminating Sun, the moon tenderly blocks him in between.
It's the day of THE ECLIPSE.
Its the day of the Solar Eclipse, the day when the Earth went blind and dark.
The day the moon dreamed of; the day he desired the most.

He blocks the mighty sun, right in between.
His sides start burning; but he withstands the pain.
The lady Earth jumps up from her siesta to this surprise.
A moment when the mighty Sun is blocked by the little brave Moon; and his glorious rays starved.
The moon stands there, looking down on her.
His face had the beauty of a magnificent triumph.

And unknowingly, THE ECLIPSE offered to the Earth a sublime gift;
The Diamond Ring...
The Diamond Ring that formed when the Moon courageously blocked the mighty Sun.
The Earth smiled.
She loves a man of courage. She delicately accepted the beauty of the ring.
The day The Moon had thought in his quest for redemption had arrived.
THE day of "THE ECLIPSE" had arrived.

P.S: The "diamond ring effect" is a visual phenomenon that occurs during a total solar eclipse, when the moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun forming a collinear line in space, blocking the sunlight to the Earth for a small period of time. The Ring Effect is seen from the earth during a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, when standing in the umbra of the moon's shadow.

I dedicate the poem to this beautiful phenomenon of Nature.


  1. Bhaiya that was awesome. Truly, you have depicted nature's beauty very nicely 😃

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    1. I love your way with words... you're a better player than me!!...I have a legacy for you, will you accept?

  3. Great article, Thanks for your nice data, the content is quiet attention-grabbing. i'll be expecting your next post.


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