Sunday, 25 August 2013


11:14 By Vishnu Chandrasenan

The night is here.
Far away in a place, where the land meets the ocean.
The sky studded with thousands  of stars,
Upon the mighty ocean waves, pristine blue.
But the silent moon outdid them all.

She stood there, by the beach.
Immersed in the tranquility, her eyelids fell.
Her hair drifted with the tune of the breeze.
It masked her face,  it hid her emotions.
The waves splashed her legs, and retreated back silently.
She felt cold, the nature was too harsh for her to brave.
Her feet took solace in the tenderness of the sand.
Her arms cuddled herself, to protect her,  to secure her.
But she stood,  for she was a woman.
She had hope, that he would return.

She reconciled, her journey is tough and ruthless.
She is confronted with obstacles, high and towering.
But she has never been so hopeful.
Her journey is steep, but she would get there.
She is waiting, for waiting is the harshest punishment.
She trembled, her lips shivered, they were hit by frostbite.

Tears silently overshadowed, the beauty of her eyes.
Isn’t there God, to help her out from her suffering?
She is the giver of life, one who nurtures life. The ultimate soul.
Why is she crying? Why is her heart weeping?

The sky illuminated with a thunder, loud and frightening.
Drops of rain descended from the hovering clouds, they too were crying.
A small little drop fell on her cheek , it joined in with her tears.
Her feet were bare, the soft sand engulfed them.
The seagulls cried, fluttering in the sea breeze, far beyond she could see.
Her face was caressed by her soft strands of hair.

Rain drops dripped from her eyebrows,
But she stood there, with hope still within her, that he would return.
-Vishnu Chandrasenan   


  1. From what I understood from this poem, this is the longing of a girl to meet her beloved. The thoughts have flowed very smoothly & the pain was felt from within. Keep up the good work Vishnu !!!

    1. Thank you so much Arun. Glad that you really liked it!!!

  2. It was very moving... soul stirring... keep going Vishnu...

  3. Ok... sorry that I forgot to mention my name... the anonymous in the previous comment was me...


    1. Thank you so much Madam for your time and interest.

  4. Good work, Vishnu...really proud of u....Nisha

    1. Thank you Nisha didi. Felt very nice to hear from you!

  5. Love expressed @ it's best...

    1. Thank You Sagar! Glad to know you liked it...

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  7. hey say love is the ultimate power..u said it differently..poetically..loved it..very touchy Vishnu. :)

  8. hey say love is the ultimate power..u said it differently..poetically..loved it..very touchy Vishnu. :)

  9. A well constructed poem that has depth to it.

  10. Emotional..touching...good work Vishnu..

  11. Kudos!! A scene of emotions in words... U hv put up d words so well n a fair justice to the poem


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